Heathered Boho, Our Story | Heathered Boho Boutique | Palmetto, FL
How it Started...

My husband, Ryan, and I started selling retail online November 2016 and have been enjoying it ever since. My husband is a firefighter and I am a nurse by trade. Having no background in anything in retail, we pride ourselves on the group we have built! Through the years, we have expanded our business to bring together a wonderful and supportive group for all! We are here for your personal style needs, and I am so grateful you have stopped by to support our small business!!

Our Mission is:

To empower women through fashion by providing affordable, trendy, and comfortable clothing for every body type. We celebrate authenticity and embrace individuality, offering a positive and inclusive shopping environment where every woman can find styles that make her feel confident and beautiful. Driven by a commitment to community and personal connection, we strive to be a supportive space where all women can express their unique styles and stories. Join us in celebrating the beauty of being real and the joy of being you.

Heathered Boho, Our Story | Heathered Boho Boutique | Palmetto, FL
How it's Going...

We've built more than just a boutique; we've created a vibrant, welcoming community. Here, we celebrate every woman by embracing authenticity in our photos—no retouching, just the beautiful truth. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey, where every piece is selected to uplift and inspire. Explore our latest collections and join our supportive Heathered Boho VIP Facebook group—because here, every day is a chance to shine with confidence!

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