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I shop at Heathered Boho quite a bit. The quality and prices are so affordable it's fantastic. Heather shops clothes and looks at color,cut, style, feel of the material and lots more when she is choosing clothes. I love shopping there and can't praise Heather enough. Download her app and watch 1 of her lives. You won't be disappointed.

- Judith R.

Heathered Boho is an amazing boutique. They cater to women of all sizes and ages. Their live presentations make you feel like you are shopping with your best friend! They encourage all women to love their body, no matter what size or shape they are. The quality of the merchandise is remarkable. Delivery is quick and you will not be disppointed when you open your packages! This boutique is absolutely AMAZING!!

- Jennifer D.

These girls are amazing. They serve their community, give wonderful fit advice, promote and encourage women and are honest, candid, loving, and always trying to do what is right. And they are always so much fun. I'm grateful for all this company does... a beautiful, family run small business...

- Stephanie G.

I cannot say enough good things!!! I absolutely love Heather! Her energy radiates and I can feel it through the phone! I appreciate her and Lea and the energy thing they bring! The lives are so therapeutic! Other than having a severe shopping addiction as a result from Heather... I have nothing negetive to say!!!

- Megan M.

I have been shopping with Heather for over 6 years! I feel like I've grown with her. Heather and her team are very personable, caring and they all have helped me learn to love my body. I feel like we are friends even though we have never met in person, maybe someday. The quality of the clothing Heather has is exceptional! I have not purchased anything or recieved in a mystery item that I have not just loved! The Heathered Boho team helps in every live with sizing and fit and their App also has videos you can watch before you purchase. The shipping team is on top of getting our products out as quickly as possible! Ig your looking for a fun, fast, informative boutique look no further and go download Heathered Boho App and see what you have been missing!!

- Patti B.

Heathered Boho is an Awesome boutique!! The staff is amazing! The items are great!! They carry all sizes up to 3xl. They carry everything clothes, shoes, jewelry, swimwear, health and beauty items, bags/purses/wallets, some fun items, some kids stuff and housewares. The live sales are great, all the ladies are friendly, fun, helpful, and informative. I have had great experiences shopping with them.

- Lisa M.
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