TAKEOVER: Oil Pulling Rinse



     ✅ Safely Whitens Teeth

     ✅ Gentle on Gums, Hard on Plaque

     ✅ Freshens Breath


Why Oil Pulling???

Oil pulling offers a natural yet effective way to improve your oral health. It’s the safest way to whiten your teeth because there are no harsh chemicals that will break down your enamel. In fact, oil pulling helps restore the microbiome balance in your mouth by pulling out bacteria and removing plaque. While everyone can benefit from oil pulling, it’s especially great for those with sensitive teeth and gums. 



The Science Behind Our Formula

You've never experienced Oil Pulling like this!!!! We know that most people who have tried oil pulling have given it up despite the overwhelming benefits due to an unenjoyable experience. This is where our Oil Pulling Rinse stands out. Unlike most oils used for oil pulling, ours is thinner, smoother and refreshing! It’s more like a rinse than an oil. We want our users to have a delightful experience that they truly enjoy!

Enjoy The Benefits

Our simple yet effective formula consists of only 3 Natural Ingredients:

  • MCT Oil: MCT Oil helps to combat harmful bacteria in the mouth, reducing plaque buildup and promoting overall oral health. Its antimicrobial properties also contribute to fresher breath and healthier gums.
  • Aloe: Known for its soothing and healing properties, Aloe vera helps to calm inflammation and irritation in the gums. Aloe vera's antimicrobial effects further aid in combating bacteria, promoting a healthier oral environment.


  • Spearmint: The refreshing flavor of spearmint not only leaves your mouth feeling clean and revitalized but also helps to combat bad breath and kill bacteria.


  • Peppermint: Like spearmint, peppermint offers a refreshing flavor and natural breath-freshening properties. Peppermint oil contains menthol, which provides a cooling sensation and helps to mask odors, leaving your mouth feeling invigorated and your breath minty fresh after each use.

Incorporate our Oil Pulling Rinse into your daily routine for a brighter, fresher, and more confident smile!

To Use: Shake well. Pour a Tablespoon amount in your mouth and swish around for 2-20 mins. DO NOT SWALLOW! Discard the oil into a trashcan (to avoid pipes clogging).

Pro tip: The ideal time is about 10-12 mins. You can work your way up to this time and also work your way up to a Tablespoon. Start where you’re comfortable!

Size: 8oz

Our Oil Pulling Rinse comes in 2 different flavors:


Spearmint:  Refreshing with a Spearmint taste.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Aloe, Spearmint.

Peppermint: Refreshing with a Peppermint taste.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Aloe, Peppermint.


Like all of our products, our Oil Pulling Rinse is HANDMADE in Texas, USA. It is 100% NATURAL and good for you! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No Crap In It products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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